On-Demand Nurse Triage & House Calls

We’ve partnered with leading healthcare providers to bring quality family and pediatric care to you in the comfort and safety of your home.

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Average Q.care House Call Cost

A Q.care house call is covered by most insurance companies and because we provide specialized care in a house call, it’s less expensive than urgent care or ER


Average ER Visit Cost

A visit to the emergency room is not only inconvenient and scary, it's also very expensive

Open 'til 10PM

Q.care Hours of Operation

Q.care is ready and waiting when seeing your doctor isn’t an option, making life easier for families by delivering care to your home

Weekdays 6PM-10PM & Weekends 8AM-10PM

8AM - 5PM

Standard Physician Office Hours in the US

Your doctor is only available during normal hours, but often difficult to see late in the day

30+ min

Average Time with Your Q.care Provider

With Q.care, providers come to your home and often spend 30 minutes or more with your family members, giving you peace of mind

15 min

Average Visit Time with Your Physician

Doctor’s offices are busy places and generally only offer 10-15 minutes with your healthcare provider

At Home

Q.care will bring quality care to you

With Q.care, you can take care of your families healthcare needs right from the comfort and safety of your home, making life more pleasant for everyone

Waiting Room

Exposing your family to more germs

Getting to a doctor’s office, urgent care center, or the ER can be difficult, especially when you are taking care of your family

This service is a life changer. With in 45 minutes of initially downloading this app our nurse had come and gone! If i had gone to urgent care, i may have still been waiting in a waiting room exposing my other healthy child to illnesses there. Our nurse treated our son with meds she had on hand (no pharmacy hassle!) and was so helpful, informative but most of all kind. She immediately took to our son offering him comfort and was sweet and loving. My son was cooperative and at ease since he was in his own home surrounded by his toys during his exam. Cannot recommend this enough. I'm hooked. Thank you to whomever created this app and to all PediaQ's employees, its a life saver.