– For Employers –

A great benefit to employees while reducing medical costs and time away from work

Higher Satisfaction + Lower Medical Costs = Strong ROI

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Savings for employers

  • Unnecessary (Urgent Care + ER)
  • Faster Return to Work
  • Lower Cost + High Productivity

With Q.care, parents get immediate answers and there is less utilization of higher cost urgent care and ER visits.

The Result

Employers have an opportunity to reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, and lower healthcare costs.

Value for employees

  • Free Nurse Triage
  • On-Demand House Calls
  • Savings + Happy

Q.care offers a high return for employees by delivering low cost avenues to avoid expensive urgent care or ER visits.

The Result

Employees get immediate attention for their loved ones condition in the comfort and safety of home, while saving time and money.

FREE Nurse Triage

Immediate access to a healthcare professional who can answer questions and direct employees to the right level of care

Integration & Reporting

There are no implementation costs, and Q.care is free to employees, plus we track data and cost savings in your monthly reports

Affordable & Convenient

Employers can now access the most innovative solution to after hours care for their family

Cutting-Edge Technology

An easy to use app that provides immediate access to answers and care with just a tap of a button

More Productivity

With immediate access to after hours care, employees are back at work and productivity improves

No Waiting Rooms

Your employees can get care in the comfort and safety of home, avoiding an unhappy experience